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Bed of Roses

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The sweet scent of freshly cut roses are recreated in every Bed of Roses candle. The candle is hand poured with coconut wax and a special fragrance oil with a top note of citrus, base of violet and bottom note of roses. The properties of the coconut wax work to enhance the longevity of the fragrance as well as provide a warm, inviting glow in the home or office. Perfect for anyone who loved roses but won’t buy the flower because flowers don’t last long!


Candle Care Tips
  • Allow wax to melt to the edge of jar when you first light it. This prevents tunneling and uneven burning and tunneling. 
  • Allow your candle to burn up to 3 hours at a time.
  • Trim your wick 1/4 inch before each use. (This won't be needed for your first burn.)
  • DO NOT burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • DO NOT leave candle near any flammable objects/areas. 
  • DO NOT leave candle in reach of children or pets
  • DO NOT leave candle burning unattended
  • Burn candle jar after 1/4 inch of wax is left in jar. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laura Rosario
Simply amazing

These candles are incredibly good, I got two the other being Goodnight Moon but Bed of Roses smells intimately good.

If we're talking about how strong the scent is, it's incredibly gentle but subtle enough that you can smell it throughout my entire home. I have both candles in my room and my parent's can smell it on the other side of the apartment, it's legitimately that good. It's a very comforting scent and the overall aesthetic of the candle itself is just amazing, even after the candle has been blown out you can still smell it in the room for hours. Truly an amazing candle.

Alexis Sliva

THE BEST MOST PUREST MOST WONDERFUL ROSE SCENT YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!! Its not the type to give you a headache, it is extremely natural and full rounded. I'm going to light it next to a fake bouquet of roses just to see how many people I can trick. I can't wait to try other scents!!! :)

Nicole Andrews

FAVORITE CANDLE EVER!!! Smells so good and its a scent that lingers so it’ll so long throughout the day!

Lisa Pagan

Love the Candles that I got & I also love the way the Body Oil feels on my skin & it smells great.... Thank You Gleam & Glim

Vanessa Williams
This candle is self-care.

The way this candle fills up your space, you never want to leave. It’s a beautiful floral rose with the perfect amount of sweetness. It’s a bed of roses. Hands down my favorite scent.