Cut up chunks of white coconut apricot wax sit on an all white background

Why Coconut Apricot

Candles come in all types of shapes, different sizes and scents and even waxes! While Paraffin wax is most common, there are several other varieties of waxes and they're also great eco-friendly alternatives!

Here at Gleam and Glim, Coconut Apricot Wax is our choice of wax. So you're probably reading this now and thinking to yourself "What the f**k is Coconut Apricot Wax?"

 For starters, Coconut wax is made by cold-pressed meat or "fat" from the Coconut fruit. Coconut wax is as soft as butter, that's where the Apricot wax comes in. The same process is applied for the Apricot wax, but the Apricot wax is made by cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil. Apricot wax sets harder than Coconut wax. This blend creates the perfect wax for candles, and we just had to make it the source of our candles. 

Now let's get into the benefits of Coconut-Apricot wax:


1. It's 100% sustainable. 

We make sure our wax is ecologically sourced and since it comes from the fruit of a Coconut Tree and not the tree itself, no damage is done to the environment. They also burn clean (thanks to our wooden wicks) so there is little to no soot. (the black smoke and debris thats left on the rim/candle jar). 


2. It has a superior scent throw.

Coconut-Apricot wax can hold up to 12% of fragrance. This means it has a strong scent when it's lit/unlit. We use 10% fragrance in our batches that way our candles are strong, but it's not an overwhelming feeling compared to candles from Bath and Body works that are known for causing headaches.

3. It lasts LONG!

As we mentioned before, Coconut wax is sustainable. Meaning it is a renewable and toxin free source. You can expect up to 60 hours of burn time with a candle made of coconut wax. 


You deserve a clean, great smelling candle without your overall wellness to suffer. Visit our shop and check out our candle collection. 

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