What are Candle "Notes"?

What are Candle "Notes"?

You may have noticed that whenever we talk about our candles here at Gleam and Glim, the words "notes" is always mentioned. Candles and perfumes come with their own set of notes. 

Now you're probably thinking, so what are notes? Well notes are what make up the scent of the candle while it burns. Fragrance notes are made up of three components. Top, middle, and bottom notes. Every candle you've burned and every perfume you have ever used has a combination of these three notes. Let's get into the break down of each section of notes. 


Top Notes


These are the first notes you smell when you first light a candle. These are the notes that "introduce" the candle fragrance, and are typically light, fresh and citrusy. 


Middle Notes

The middle notes of a fragrance blend provide balance to enhance the top and bottom notes. Some popular middle notes are classic florals, light fruits, berries, and spicy and herbaceous notes. 


Bottom Notes

Bottom notes are the heavier, longer, lasting notes, that are often made of larger molecules. Think Vanilla, Woodsy, Amber, or Musk. These notes bring balance to a blend by weighing it down and rounding out the experience. 


Candles aren't always burned from top to bottom, in fact there are wickless candles which you place on a hot plate or underneath a small heating lamp. When placed on the hot plate, you'll be experiencing the notes in a reverse sequence. So it would be bottom, middle, then top notes that you smell. 

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